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What are the classification and characteristics of tinplate?
2020-11-19 15:55:08

Tinplate, commonly known as tin can, iron box, is made of tinplate. Tin is the surface of iron covered with tin. To play a protective role. Generally speaking, in order to package the exquisite, but uses the printing, commonly known as the printing tin can. Guangzhou Yingli packaging products - brake oil tank, motorcycle oil tank, food tank, walnut oil tank, fuel additive tank, automobile oil tank, beer can, etc

Classification of cans:

1. According to the use classification: aerosol cans, chemical cans, milk powder cans, beverage cans, miscellaneous cans, etc;

2. From the structure, it can be divided into welding tank, buckle bone tank, stretching tank, two-piece can, three-piece can, etc;

3. From the shape classification: rectangular iron can, square iron can, triangle iron can, octagonal iron can, oval iron can, heart-shaped can, special-shaped can, car shaped iron box, book shaped iron box, etc.


Features of tinplate:

1. As well as: small mechanical packaging, not easy to be broken for sale;

2. Barrier: barrier, gas barrier, moisture-proof, shading, aroma retention are good;

3. Process: it is made of metal or alloy which is not easy to rust, and can be recycled.

4. Shape: various shapes, can be used for different product packaging.

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